About NRS

Moshe Nissim, Rinkov, Sandrowitz Attorneys is one of the most prominent and leading law firms in Israel. The Firm specializes in commercial - civil law and administrative law and its main activities are representing leading commercial companies, statutory bodies, banks, funds and hi-tech companies, associations, business people and investors and municipal authorities. The Firm employs dozens of staff members whose main objective is continual striving for the client’s success.
The Firm was established in 1999 by Advocates Moshe Nissim, Avi Sandrowitz and Moti Rinkov. The Head of the Firm, Advocate Moshe Nissim, a 50 year veteran in the profession, served in the Government of Israel for some 15 years as Minister of Justice, Minister of Finance, Minister of Industry & Trade and Deputy Prime Minister. The partners in the Firm are experienced and run departments that are prominently professional and which have accumulated a great deal of accolade and standing.
The Firm has a reputation of professional excellence and integrity that provides the client with the highest possible level of legal services including with respect to complex and intricate matters and the Firm acquired its good name due to its successes, in light of the partner’s intimate familiarity with the market, their good contacts, their dedication to the client and their uncompromising striving for success, which are the mission statement of the Firm.
The Firm’s advantage is in the synergy and brain storming capabilities on the part of the partners in selecting tactics and strategies in all aspects of jurisprudence while putting the interests of the client first and applying a broad business perspective. The work model obligates the full involvement of at least one of the partners from beginning to end and a great amount of resources are expended in doing so. This strict application of the work method grants the client wall to wall service and promotes a successful conclusion. The stream of the Firm’s success stories attests to this, as well as the Firm winning prestigious tenders and its continual growth.
Senior Partners and Founders

Adv. Moshe Nissim, Head of Firm.
further to his significant contribution as a senior member of several Israeli governments, Mr. Nissim is a master of negotiations and an articulate professional. Mr. Nissim is well known as an outstanding deal maker, focusing on leading large scale projects, financing transactions, administrative and constitutional law, regulatory, Supreme Court petitions, arbitration, and mediation.

Adv. Avi Senderovich, Managing and Founding Partner.
Adv. Avi Senderovich is prominent in structuring complex transactions and has vast experience in business and commercial law. Further, he is one of the leading attorneys in all aspects of the Israeli municipal law. Mr. Senderovitch leads the Firm’s real estate, banking and municipal divisions. In addition, he is involved in leading and facilitating industrial, touristic, and real-estate projects and investments.

Adv. Moti Mark Rinkov, Managing and Founding Partner.
leads the Firm’s commercial and corporate teams, including litigation and tenders. Mr. Rinkov has invaluable experience advising commercial companies and governmental authorities, structuring complex and large scale of commercial and financing transactions. Mr. Rinkov has had substantial transactional involvement in numerous industries, including financial institutions, national infrastructure, agriculture, homeland and security, and environmental. Mr. Rinkov holds an MBA in finance and banking, a masters degree in Law and a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Adv. Ron Hemed, Senior Partner and Head of the Debt Collection Division.
Adv. Hemed has many years of experience in litigation and leading tort cases. He is an expert in implementing IT systems in legal services companies. He holds an MBA (financing and banking), LL.M. Law and a BA in economics, cum laude.

Adv. Moti Rivkind, Partner
Adv. Rivkind heads the firm's Commercial Department. He has a B.A. in accounting and law from Tel Aviv University. Adv. Rivkind has many years of experience in commercial negotiations, commercial contracts and providing ongoing legal services to companies and organizations on a variety of commercial and business issues.

The Firm's Clients

The firm has a long-established reputation for providing highly specialized services and informed advice to governmental authorities, financial institutions, leading commercial organizations, private and public companies, and non-profit organizations, including the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Israeli Airports Authority, Israel National Roads Company, Bank Hapoalim, Bank Mizrahi Tefahot, Maverick Ventures, the Agricultural Bank, Isracard, Mehadrin Group, Play Lab, Mekorot – Israel National Water Company, and the Municipalities of Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ramat Gan, Herzliya, Tiberius, Ra’anana, Modi’in and others.

Main Fields of Expertise

: Our team advises private, public, and governmental companies on the wide range of corporate governance, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and commercial transactions. We have specific expertise in structuring financing transactions with financial institutions, private equity, venture landing, venture capital, and private investors. NRS represents borrowers on private and national project financing transactions, ranging from simple credit agreements to complex multicurrency, multijurisdictional financings. The Firm assists foreign clients with establishing business in Israel and facilitates the compliance with Israeli national legislation and regulations. NRS provides ongoing advice to managements and shareholders facing domestic authorities as well as cross border matters.

Litigation: The firm is one of the prominent litigators in Israel and played a central role in national litigation. NRS is recognized for its ability to represent clients on their most critical litigation issues in all judicial instances. The Firm has a number of sub departments in the field of litigation, headed by experienced and skilled attorneys, representing clients in business litigation, financial and commercial disputes, public tenders, administrative legal motions, restraining orders, class actions, intellectual property litigation, mediation, arbitration and more.

Regulatory; Legislative; Governmental: Our team provides a unique platform, demonstrating a top-tier regulatory practice working in conjunction with our corporate and litigation departments to address a wide range of issues critical to clients' business needs. NRS is one of few selected law firms that were authorized to represent governmental institutions in the Israeli Supreme Court of Justice. Further, the firm has successfully represented various petitioners, in a wide range of administrative courts and procedures.

Tenders: The Firm is one of the leading law firms in Israel in the field of contracts and tenders and has even won particularly prestigious tenders regarding legal counsel in this field, inter alia, at the Office of the Prime Minister, the Airports Authority and at the Israel Roads Company. Each of the Departments in the Firm has extensive and diverse experience in drawing up commercial contracts, both in Hebrew and in English.

Hi-tech; Technology; Venture Capital: The Firm represents and advises companies in different stages of development, from pre-seed, interim stage to fully functional companies, including entrepreneurs, start ups, venture capital funds, private companies and multi-national public companies. The Firm provides comprehensive guidance to clients at all stages including initial structuring, equity investments, financing transactions, M&As, and IPOs. We have broad experience with all forms of technology - including computer software, cyber, bio-technology, internet and media, among others - with many of our attorneys having interdisciplinary experience in these fields. Hence, we provide our clients with strategic guidance in the creation, acquisition, use and commercial exploitation of technology, as well as all other commercial activities. Whether our clients are raising funds, buying, selling, licensing or developing technology-based products or services, we help them attain successful business.

Municipal Law: NRS is one of the leading and most professional law firms practicing municipal law. The Firm represents the largest municipalities in Israel, and provides legal counsel in the fields of legislation, contracts, tenders, and all aspects of litigation.

Environmental and Agriculture Law: The Firm represents some of Israel’s most prominent agricultural companies, providing services in the fields of agriculture, watering rights, environmental, and export of agricultural products.

Non Profit Organizations: The Firm has unique expertise in establishing and representing non-profit organizations, and managing the ongoing interaction with the relevant authorities.

Mediation and Arbitration: Adv. Moshe Nissim is a reputable arbitrator and mediator, presiding in notable and high profile disputes, involving both the private and the public sector. Our team specializes in settling complex disputes, by arbitration and mediation procedures.

Pro Bono; Public Contribution: The values of the firm are reflected in the pro bono work, performed by our lawyers, for the benefit of those individuals and groups unable to afford legal services. Furthermore, Mr. Moshe Nissim, the head of the Firm, has served, and is currently serving and leading the most prominent public committees. 

The NRS law firm was established in 1999 by Former Minister of Finance and Minister of Justice, Moshe Nissim, together with two successful attorneys, Moti Mark Rinkov and Avi Senderovich. The Firm has since grown and is now one of Israel's most respected and professional law firms.